College Track Program Overview

The College Track is an intensive college retention and persistence program that is offered to all CO-OP
Upward Bound Alumni and eligible Academic Pathways Alumni.  
Through College Track, we monitor the
academic progress of each student while they are enrolled in college.

Services Offered

College Track participants are provided with academic monitoring, transfer assistance, assistance with
major/minor selection, financial aid assistance, parent outreach, and, re-enrollment services.  We even
guide alumni through the graduate school admissions and application process.  
College Track ensures
that our alumni remain enrolled in college and complete college!

Partnership Opportunities

One of the biggest barriers to college completion for our program alumni is financial struggle
and lack of peer support.
 Please consider supporting our alumni by sponsoring a scholarship or serving
as a mentor for a college student.

Contact Information

For more information on the College Track Program, please contact Sharma Henderson.
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Our College Track
services ensures that
over 90% of our
program graduates
remain in college each year!
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