CO-OP's Sustainability Plan incorporates ideas and strategies that will ensure that our programs
and services will continue to be a valuable resource for the people we serve.  

Our plan evaluates our use of traditional funding streams such as grants, donations, and corporate
contributions and incorporates additional sources of sustainability such as in-kind contributions, income-
generating services, enhanced volunteer support, and leveraged resources.  
Ultimately, our efforts are
directed towards ensuring that the people who depend on our services are able to receive the
assistance they need for years to come until the systematic change week seek is accomplished.  

Our sustainability effort include the following:

  • Fee-based webinars, workshops, and consultations;
  • Major events and fundraisers;
  • Research and evaluation projects;
  • On-going fundraisers and profit-sharing programs;
  • Legacy planning and endowments; and,
  • Expansion of partnership and collaboration efforts.

CO-OP invites you to learn more about our efforts by contacting Sharma Henderson.
Sustainability Plan
Community Outreach and Opportunity Programs
We Help People Succeed!
At CO-OP we understand
that a non-profit's longevity
is drawn from
strong fiscal operations
and sustainability planning.
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