Research and Evaluation Division Overview

This Division focuses on completing community-based research projects and evaluating local
non-profit programs.
 Primary empahsis is placed on projects that either address the needs of youth,
have education as a primary focus, or career and vocational services.  We provide these services pro-bono
for qualified agencies or for a reasonable fee for agencies with larger budgets.    

Future Plans and Programs

We are currently seeking contracting opportunities with local and national government units.  We would like
to expand our services to include funding support dissertation research and post-graduate studies.  
Several internal studies have been completed on the programs we offer and we will be making efforts to
publish those studies and distribute them throughout our network.  
Our goal is to assist other
organizations with developing their own in-house strategies to evaluate program outcomes and
conduct local community-based research studies.

Please visit our support page to learn more about how you can support our Research and
Evaluation Division!
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In order to adequately serve our communities,
non-profit organizations must
implement superior evaluative techniques
and promote community-based
research efforts.
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