Check out our wish
list on .  
Here we have listed
all the little things we
need to make or
office functional or
our programs more
Cozy up our office
for our youth by
buying items from
our wishlist.  We'll
pick the items up to  
save you time an
shipping costs.
This store has what
we need to keep up
with our summer
residents and
college freshmen.  
our registry or pick
whatever you like.

Got an old bucket in
your garage?  Need
to do something
about that broke
down truck in the
driveway?  Have a
trailer taking up room
in your backyard?

Call CO-OP and we
will convert your old
car into brand new
services for our

Need to clean out
your garage?  Have
you outgrown your
prom dress?  Take
your old stuff and
turn it into something
new for the next

Click here to give your
clutter to CO-OP
could  and make a
difference in the lives
of so many others!

There are several different ways you can help CO-OP.

We give you multiple resources to help spread the word about our agency or to help us provide
vital resources to our clients.

We have listed items that we need for our office at, Target and Bed, Bath, & Beyond or you
can browse their site and select items you prefer to gift.

Please consider CO-OP when cleaning out your garage or CO-OP.  Much of your clutter can be sold at
auction.  These proceeds equal valuable funds for our agency and a tax-deduction for you!

You can also help by purchasing products directly from CO-OP such as a got college? t-shirt,
Avon products, or gift cards through Scrip.
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What does a used car, a folding table,
a coffee maker, and a prom dress
have in common?
Each of these items can be used or sold
to benefit people in need.
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