We want to assure you that by supporting CO-OP you are contributing to a great and worthy

  • All of our services are provided at little or no cost to eligible members of the communities we serve;
  • All CO-OP staff and volunteers are screened for experience and expertise, and must pass a
    comprehensive background check;
  • Our costs are supplemented by in-kind services, volunteer time, product donations, and other
  • CO-OP conducts annual audits and complies with all State and Federal laws.
  • We spend less than 10% of our annual budget on overhead costs; and,
  • CO-OP has met or exceeded 100% of it program goals and objectives since its inception as
    evidenced by its extensive record-keeping and reporting practices.

You are welcome to come and witness the many ways your contribution is making a difference in
the lives of others.

We subscribe to the Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice

The Principles remain an invaluable resource for organizations committed to improving governance. They
represent the first time that organizations reflecting a broad cross-section of the American nonprofit
community came together to develop principles of ethical conduct, accountability, and transparency that
they aspire to and encourage all organizations to follow.

The Panel on the Nonprofit Sector incorporated a careful review of more than 50 self-regulation systems,
counsel from a diverse committee of experts, and significant feedback from the field in the development of
these Principles. An
Executive Summary is available for those who want a brief overview of the Principles.
Our Principles
Community Outreach and Opportunity Programs
We Help People Succeed!
We believe that non-profit organizations
are vital resources for meeting
community needs and improving society.
Thus, we subscribe to and promote
a set of principles that help facilitate that role.
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