Service Delivery Model
Community Outreach and Opportunity Programs
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We hold that opportunity leads to success
and that success is defined by
meeting personal and professional goals
that ultimately lead to
wellness, happiness, and self-sufficiency.
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What is the CO-OP Service Delivery Model?

The CO-OP Service Delivery Model has been implemented in order to facilitate the involvement of program
participants in multiple activities and services.  
It is our way of presenting multiple programs in a
cohesive manner that maintains the integrity of each individual program while enabling our
Case Management Team to maximize our ability to help those in need.

What characteristics to all CO-OP programs share?

There are 10 components that comprise the CO-OP Service Delivery Model that is applicable to all
programs we offer: 1) Needs Assessment, 2) Counseling/Advisement, 3) Instruction, 4) Services/Activities,
5) Summer Component, 6) Extracurricular Activities, 7) Family Involvement, 8) Service Learning, 9)
Integrated Services, and 10) Follow-Up/Tracking.

What makes each CO-OP program unique?

While each program adheres to the Model, there is still a great deal of variety across programs
that makes them easily distinguishable and allows for compliance with funding requirements.  
Each program has unique: 1) Application Procedures, 2) Areas Served/Location, 3) Eligibility
Requirements, 4) Participation Requirements, 5) Instructional Content/Curriculum, 6) Frequency/Duration,
7) Documentation, 8) Evaluation, 9) Funding, and, 10) Stakeholders/Partnerships.

Where do CO-OP's Outreach Initiatives fit into the picture?  Do they follow the Service Delivery
Model too?

The CO-OP Service Delivery Model is applied only to our Opportunity Programs.  The Outreach Initiatives
are community-based activities that follow different sets of criteria.  
We make every effort to connect
our Programs and Initiatives to maximize our impact on the lives of the people we serve.
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