The purpose of the Local Motion Initiative is to encourage local philanthropists to support local,
community-based, and grassroots organizations in the communities where they live and work.

Via the Local Motion Initiative, CO-OP stresses the importance of supporting local programs and
highlights the vital role they play in community improvement and sustaining vulnerable
 Oftentimes, these smaller organizations lack the capacity and resources to generate core
operating support and expend nearly 100% of their funds on direct services.  This formula leaves many
agencies susceptible to economic down-turns and hinders their ability to compete with larger, regional and
national organizations for funds and recognition.

At CO-OP, we believe that the non-profit world is a mosaic of different types of organizations;
that we must work collectively to build and sustain existing organizations as they fulfill their
missions for the greater good.

For more information on the Local Motion Initiative, please contact
Sharma Henderson.
Local Motion
Community Outreach and Opportunity Programs
We Help People Succeed!
Small, local, and grassroots organizations
typically do not have the infrastructure in place
that is necessary to attract
a large donor base.
We seek to bridge this gap.
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