Jamaican Orphan Center Initiative Overview

The CO-OP Jamaican Orphan Center is our first international program and is coordinated by a member of
our Board of Directors who resides part-time in Jamaica.  
The purpose of the program is to provide
orphan children in Jamaica with basic needs assistance.

Services Offered

The Jamaican Orphan Center coordinator collects materials such as clothing, school supplies,
and first aid kits and delivers them to pre-selected orphanages in Jamaica.
 We have a network of
donors throughout Southern California and the state of New York who regularly contribute items in support
of our efforts.  We also solicit funds to provide additional items to orphans with the greatest level of need.

Partnership Opportunities

We are in need of bulk donations of basic need items from our corporate sponsors which would enable us
to increase the number of orphanages that we support.   
We are seeking assistance to fund a
year-long service learning opportunity for one or more graduate students who would reside in
Jamaica for one year and provide hands-on assistance at our partner orphanages.  
positions will be supervised by our Board member who will also provide housing.  

Contact Information

For more information on the Jamaican Orphan Center, please contact Sharma Henderson.
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Jamaican Orphan Center
Currently there are over
53,000 orphans on the
island of Jamaica.
Less than 20% of these
are receiving adequate care.
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