CO-OP was founded by three women who were concerned with the lack of comprehensive
case-management services for families and youth in their community.

Their vision was to create a system of support that would be available to clients both during and beyond
their enrollment in program services.  Each year we become closer to realizing our dream as we help others
realize theirs.

Being the first in their families to attain a college degree, our founders identified a need for
programs that go beyond servicing the individual and moved towards changing whole family

Each of our founders initiated their careers in pre-college outreach programs and used their
academic pursuits to change the trajectory of their lives.
 As a result, each of our programs have
education at its core.  We believe that educating individuals in all aspects of their lives (academic, health,
career, financial) will lead to the optimal levels of individual success and better communities.

We thank everyone for their support thus far, and look forward to continuing our legacy of
service via the Community Outreach and Opportunity Programs!
Community Outreach and Opportunity Programs
We Help People Succeed!
CO-OP is the realization of the
hopes and dreams of our founders.
We are grateful for opportunity
to live our passion
and are committed to fulfilling our mission.
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