Economic Development Division

This Division focuses on providing career assessment, planning, and training services to individuals age 13
and above.  
Primary emphasis is on developing individual competencies, talent/creativity, and
identifying the availability of employment opportunities.
 We are particularly interested in exposing
our participants to unique ways in which they can identify and maintain gainful employment.

Future Plans

We are looking forward to expanding the Economic Development Division to include internship placements
and CO-OP sponsored work-study positions and to provide local small businesses with technical assistance
and support.  
We would also like to increase our emphasis on service learning and volunteer
work as lifetime commitment for our participants.

Please visit our support page to learn more about how you can support our Economic
Development Division!
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Economic Development Division
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Via our Economic Development Division
we design and implement programs
that allow our participants
to explore the ways in which
skill, preparation, and economics intertwine.
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