At CO-OP, we are a family!

Our family atmosphere has grown as a natural occurrence given the individualized nature of our case
management approach combined with the breadth and depth of our programs and initiatives.  
in our programs are instilled with a sense of belonging and camaraderie.
 For many, CO-OP
serves a purpose above and beyond the services and activities it provides. It is also viewed as a source of
social and familial support.

We create a family-like structure by focusing on building supportive relationships based upon
common goals and a mutual respect.

Primary emphasis is placed upon the level of commitment and support program participants provide for one
another, the extent to which they are encouraged to express themselves in an open and productive
manner, and by intermingling services and activities that extends the amount of spent under the guidance
of program staff.  
Collegial mentoring and support is encouraged at every level of organizational
involvement from members of the Board of Directors to parents of students enrolled in our
Upward Bound programs

Several structures are in place to ensure that CO-OP remains a safe and nurturing environment.

Our facilities have been designed to look more like a home rather than an office.  There is an
overarching orientation towards achievement that encourages participants to be assertive in
the pursuit of their independence and self-sufficiency while supporting the success of others.
Character education is integrated throughout all of our programs and services and we model an
appreciation of the social, cultural, and religious diversity that is woven throughout our participant

We invite you to become a part of the CO-OP family!
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Family Atmosphere
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Being part of the CO-OP family
means having access to
a network of individuals and colleagues
who share a mutual desire
to help each other achieve our goals.
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