The CO-OP Case Management Team has been trained to provide program participants with a
multi-faceted experience based upon professional experience, technical knowledge, and a
respect for the families and individuals we serve.

Each member of our team possesses the capacity to provide assistance in a sensitive and supportive
We create helping relationships, assesses complex problems, identify problem-solving
interventions, and monitor progress towards successful outcomes.
 We work together with existing
community resources, providing cohesion in the human and social services sector, enabling program
participants to achieve goals more effectively and efficiently.

How we define Case Management...

Case management facilitates the achievement of individual and family wellness and autonomy through
communication, assessment, planning,  education, resource management, advocacy, and service
Based upon the needs and values of the participant, and in collaboration with local
service providers, the case manager creates a support system that is safe, effective,
client-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable.
 Intervention occurs at the individual, family, and
system levels.  Services provided by CO-OP may take place at the agency site or at multiple locations.

The primary goal of CO-OP's case management approach is to optimize functioning by providing
quality services in the most efficient and effective manner to individuals and families with
multiple needs.
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Our experience has taught us
that each individual has a
unique set of circumstances that must
be monitored in a caring an supportive manner
and that follow-up is the key to follow-through.
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