Academic Pathways Program Overview

The Academic Pathways Program is an individualized college-preparatory initiative.  The purpose of the
program is to increase the number of at-risk youth successfully pursuing enrollment in a
postsecondary education program.

Services Offered

The CO-OP Academic Pathways Program provides program participants with year-round
academic support services
.  During the Academic Component, students receive tutoring, academic
advisement and counseling, enrichment activities.  During the Summer Component, participants are
provided with high school courses for credit, weekly workshops, and tutorial services.  
Please click here
to download our current calendar of activities.

Partnership Opportunities

The Academic Pathways Program has many partnership opportunities for local businesses and
 We are particularly looking for ways in which we can enhance our outreach to local schools,
expand the program to include instructional support, and provide increased scholarship support to our
students as they matriculate into college.

Contact Information

For more information on the Academic Pathways Program, please contact DeShawn Fuller.
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