Academic Achievement Division Overview

This Division focuses on providing academic support and assistance to students enrolled in 1st
grade through college.
 Primary emphasis is placed on improving academic competencies to grade-level
and above while providing comprehensive educational opportunity programs to assist with the college
enrollment and matriculation process.  

Future Plans

The Academic Achievement Division represents the largest and longest standing CO-OP service area.  
However, we are seeking to increase our efforts in the primary grades by partnering with local elementary
schools and utilizing our existing student base to serve as mentor and tutors to the younger children.  We
are also interested in expanding our services to include academic support to adults who wish to return to
school and complete their educational goals.  
Ultimately, CO-OP will operate a pipeline of schools
offering educational programs spanning the pre-school through postsecondary levels.

Please visit our support page to learn more about how you can support our Academic
Achievement Division!
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